What is it?

Oncofocus is a precision oncological test that analyses DNA and RNA cancer cells extracted from histological samples and gives back the cancer genetic profile as a result. This profile allows the clinician to choose the best treatment and increases the chanches of healing.

Who needs it?

The Oncofocus test is suitable for all solid tumours – breast, liver, bladder, lung, skin and others – and is very useful both forĀ  early-stage cancer and advanced stage cancer patients. In early stage cancer patients, this test is essential to find out the right treatment quickly and to reduce costs and side effects of an unfit therapy. For advanced stage cancer patients in whom chemotherapy and radiotherapy aren’t working so well, the Oncofocus test could direct specialist to new drugs or treatments. Oncofocus is also helpful for people with rare cancers.


Some reasons for the difficulties associated with cancer treatment are the existence of a lot of different types of cancer and, at the same time, of almost 700 anti-cancer drugs available on the market. Considering this data, even an experienced oncologist has very little chance – between 2% and 16% – of identifing the best therapy: the Oncofocus test can increase this probability to 85%. Only this test, in fact, can establish a direct correlation between the patient’s genetic mutations and all of the approved treatments in oncology.

Oncologica ltd

The Oncofocus test is analysed in Oncologica Ltd laboratories in UK.