MEDnoTE srl is a University of Trieste spin-off and an innovative start-up that offers a wide range of service in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases. Thanks to our range of different skills, we can give our clients a full-service approach to new therapeutic methods, research and development in oncology.

Our mission

MEDnoTE stands as a specialized player able to support sponsors with a full, professional service. Specifically, we deal with data analysis and data collection software development, clinical trials management and relationships with Ethics Committees.

Our skills

MEDnoTE works with the Breast disease and Translational research Multidisciplinary Unit in ASST of Cremona. This unit provides all prevention, diagnosys and treatment services for mammary and gynecological diseases.
MEDnoTE has a partnership with the University of Milan, University of Trieste and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
CRO – Clinical Research Organization
in partnership with High Research srl for clinical trials management.

Our skills

Information technology for clinical trials testing protocol development Biotechnologies MEDnoTE has a partnership with SOL s.p.a. for DNA & RNA storage Benchmark of medical devices market in partnership with R4H – Rotarians 4 healtH