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Solid tumours, breast cancers and other oncological disease clinical trials.

Why Medical Testing Matters…

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‚ÄúTimely, couretous & so cheap!”

Considering just how fragile our health is as a species and how important it is to find diseases as early on as possible, we figured a nice lab for clinical Testing is what America needs now the most!

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RNA & DNA storage

To find possible genetic mutations

microbiome analysis

To detect the bacterial composition in different organs


To choose the most suitable diet

Genomic & genetic tests

To find out your exposure to health risks


BLS-D, ALS-D and CME courses

New drugs

To design customized treatments

Clinical trials

To test new procedures and pharmacological solutions

New diagnostic devices

Self-assessment diagnostic tools


Our offer

The new frontier of food science: to find out the relationship between diet and genetic makeup (or between diet and genes).

Predictive, sensitivity and precision tests for cancer patients

I nostri test


Besides a variety of different other types of tests, we also offer naturopathic medical tests. It includes hair and urine element analysis, urine growth hormone, blood spot vitamin D, hair cortisol, and saliva hormone testing etc…
As a part of company tests of their employees popularity and inline with concerns parents might have for their kids – we offer the best option for toxicology clinical testing.
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