Nutrition tests

Nutrigenomics tests

Nutrigenomics is the practical implementation of genetic science advances applied to nutrition. Thanks to developments in nutrigenomics, these tests make it possible to detect the best long-term diet for each person and to prevent the occurrence of diseases correlated to bad eating.

Microbiome test

The human microbiome is the collective genomes of all of the microbes that live in the organs, systems and tissues of the body. All of the microorganisms forming the microbiome acts like shield that protects the skin, oral cavity, vagina or digestive tract from pathogens that could attack them. The function of the immune and digestive systems, biosynthesis of vitamins and amino acids, absorption of nutrients from food and the maintenance of good health depend on healthy microbiome operation.
Its health can also determine the effectiveness of cancer treatments and related side effects. The microbiome test allows the doctor to identify all of the bacterial species in the sample and find out the structure and composition of the individual microbiome. This mapping is useful for preventing cancers, adapting current therapies and developing a diet that fits the individual.