Mozart program

MOZaRT program

MOZaRT program – MOlecular Aberrations related to Resistance/Responsiveness to Novel Drugs in Metastatic Solid Tumors – is an ambitious collaborative project between the University of Trieste and two excellent heathcare facilities – ASST of Cremona and Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center in New York – the aim of which is to create a clinical and biological data network. This project is supported by

Collected information could clarify mechanisms of resistance and drugs responsiveness in some oncological treatments and be useful in new clinical trials and the development of therapeutic approaches.

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march 2020

Creation of a leaflet on MEDnoTE activities for GP (general practitioners).

march 7, 2020

CREMONA – meeting with GP (General Practitioners) is delayed by COVID-19 emergency.

february 28, 2020

To date 39 patients are involved in perspective stage of MOZaRT program with target therapies for molecular alterations.

february 20, 2020

PORDENONE – “translational research: where to point”

january 31, 2020

Idialia equipment available for KRAS, EGFR and NRAS studies on liquid biopsy. Training will start as soon as possible.

january 29, 2020

PRAGA – “Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: An Emerging Role for Immunotherapy”

october 18, 2019

beginning of Invest protocol for molecular analysis in MOZaRT program (retrospective stage)

september 19, 2019

KIEV – EURAMA – “Breast cancer: technologies and treatment options for metastatic breast cancer”